I hope every guy you think
Better then me,looks better then me, and fits you DIES and I mean that with every part of my body……
I also hope that you realize I’m the best man for you before that happens… But if you don’t… Every man who makes you say “Sheesh” 😍 DIES!!!!!!


To throw the age factor on me after I decided to realize that I know what’s best for me is blasphemy……


I never seen a person so happy to leave a man that would do anything for them….

I’ve never seen love fade away so quickly

I’ve never seen an individual willing to try something new after so long of fighting

I’ve never been in a position where my words didn’t matter anymore….

But since I have now I would like to take my time and thank you for it…

It will prepare me for the better….

I told many people why I didn’t socialize with opposite sex… Just for the sake of us

Now I’m lost, because I don’t how to take time out and explore other options because I’ve been in this shell for so long…. Just waiting to graduate…

But your visions took a complete 360 and just threw me out, and give me the “God if it’s meant to be excuse” you threw me out your plans…

Now I’m not in your plans at all… You wanna move away and not even consider trying to do things with the one you “love”

It seems like you found yourself and once you got over of not being loved by me it made it easier to move on…

I really hope whatever you planning works out because at the end of the day all that shit can flop after you see success…

And guess who woulda been siting right here? But you took that luxury away from yourself with no shame..

Don’t even care at all that I pretty much can’t think and act right without you..

But you don’t need no other person and all that good stuff…. All I wanted was a little more time to work on myself and we could build on coming together soon… But now I have to see you conversate about how you need a sexy man with you at night.. 😌😔😔😔😔

I wonder out the whole relationship what was lies and what was the truth? I really do I wish I had a source to tell me how you really felt the last couple years… But I’ll prolly will never kno….


"I tell everyone that I’m fine because I’m not sick anymore but they don’t understand because my sickness is different from theirs. It’s not in my throat or in my nose, it’s in my fucking head. And it eats me up. My body is messing with my mind. I feel empty inside and it’s driving me crazy."

- I’m sick; 2.12.14 // 10:46 PM (via real-freak-show)
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everyone leaves



everyone leaves


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I’m A Little Fucked Up In The Head Ooops…


I’m A Little Fucked Up In The Head Ooops

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I admit I am a weak fucking person.
This rage. The crying.
An addict of anger.
My mouth opens; then danger.
I speak and it worsens.
The blood pumping
The thoughts running.


I’m trying.
I’m trying as hard as I can.
to be the best;
To be a man.
To be strong,
to be right
and accept my wrongs

I’m trying to evolve.

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"You say you care like how I care but you don’t care and thats fucked up"

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"I’ve done you wrong, I regret it.I write this song, try to forget it.”


"I’ve done you wrong, I regret it.
I write this song, try to forget it.”

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